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10mmScanlab Heads (Marking Heads)

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Product Abstract:

10mmScanlab Heads (Marking Heads)

Product Description

10mmScanlab Heads (Marking Heads)

A whole laser marking head (or called laser scanner) consists of two scan mirrors, two galvanometers (or calledgalvo-scanner motor)& drive cards (or called driver), a XY mount, a scanning lens (f-theta lens), an interface card (or called D/A card), a set of marking software and a DC power supply.



Basics of 2-axis laser scanners


A laser beam is reflected from two scan mirrors in turn, and directed through a focusing lens. The mirrors are capable of high speed deflection about a rotation axis, being driven by a galvo-scanner motor. In most cases the maximum deflection angle of the mirror is ±12.5° (often ±10° is a safer limit) either side of the non-deflected incidence angle of 45°.


Note that, for best performance, the lens will appear to be ‘the wrong way round’ when compared with a standard meniscus lens used in conventional focusing of a laser beam.


Some of the design objectives in specification of 2-axis laser scanners are:

* Achievement of desired scanned field size

* Maximization of scan speeds

* Minimizing focused spot sizes

* Lowest cost solutions


Some of the limitations to be considered are:


* Quality factorQ(Q =M2) of the laser beam

* Scan angle limitations

* Loss of power due to beam-clipping

* Physical aperture of the scanner head


Field of scan


The laser beam will be scanned over an angleq, equal to twice the mirror deflection angle. So, the typical scanned field might beq=±20° in both X and Y directions. (q=±25° would be the usual maximum scanned field). The field size is then approximately 2Ftanq in both X and Y.


The approximation arises because:


1) it is usually desirable to have a deliberate distortion characteristic in the scanner lens design so that the field position is proportional toq, not tanq.

2) scanning in two axes produces a geometrical distortion which is unrelated to the lens properties.


Focused spot size


The lower limit on spot size ‘d’ (1/e2intensity diameter) for a laser beam of diameter ‘D’ (1/e2) is:

d = 13.5QF/Dmm


Example: A TEM00beam (Q=1) of13.5mm(1/e2) diameter, focused by a perfect lens of100mmfocal length, will form a focused spot of100mm diameter. (Taking a more realistic value of Q=1.5, the spot size would be150mm).


Beam clipping and optical aberrations can lead to focused spot sizes which are larger than the minimum diffraction limited value found from the equation above.


Large field sizes demand the use of lenses of long focal length. In turn, this leads to increased focused spot size unless the beam diameter, mirror sizes, and lens diameter are all increased.


Spot sizes are given in the form of an average spot size over the whole, maximum, field-of-scan. A second figure, the standard deviation from average spot size, gives a measure of variation of the spot size to be expected over the field.


Part Number Description of Marking Head


Description of Part Number:  LSxx-xxxx-yy-AAAA

LSxx: laser scanner. xx means series marking heads such as CT, SL, LC, JC.

xxxx: laser wavelength.

yy:  maximum input laser beam diameter.

AAAA: notes or remarks


Part number

Max entrance dia. mm

Model of galvo








Analog input





Analog input




































All above marking heads can operate at 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm or 10.6um wavelength. Other entrance diameters available upon request. Please contact us for more information.



* The marking field of markingheaddepends on the f-theta lens. In general, it is 105x105mm(CO2 laser) or 110x110mm(Nd:YAG laser). Other mark fields are available upon request. In order to have best marking result,you may prepare a few f-theta lenses with different mark fields for your various applications.

* The focused beam diameter depends on the optical system such as beam expander and f-theta lens, laser beam parameter such as beam diameter and beam divergence angle, and marking parameters such as marking speed and material.

* All above analogue marking heads can be converted into digital marking heads via a D/A convertor.

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