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355nm uv fiber laser source

  • 355nm uv fiber laser source
Product Description

UV laser machine is more suitable for cutting and engraving on nonmetal and glass materials, because this kind of  materials absorb purple light better than infrared. As a result, nonmetal materials avoid being deformed or burnt due to thermal.Take this advantange, UV cutting and engraving machine can meet most customer’s demand in industrial processing of rubber, glass, plactis,wood and so on.

Our UV laser for cutting and engraving machine takes 355nm pumped purple laser device as the light source ,intended to gain smaller diameter of focusing spot. With smaller heat affected zone, our machine makes an accurancy work with no damage to the materials. We have implemented a quality control mechanism to 

make sure our products with power consumption and stable performance. Our machine give you a good experience of installation and maintenation.

 Product Parameter

Wavelength 355nm
Laser Power 10W  15W
Laser Frequency 1- 50kHz
Maximum Processing Size 250mm×300mm
Maximum Operating Speed 500mm/s
Positioning Accuracy of Table ±3μm
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy of Table ±1μm
Total Accuracy (Zhengye conditions) ±20μm
Light Spots 20±5μm
Scanning Range 40mmx40mm
Electric Power Supply AC110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
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