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Product Abstract:


Product Description

 F-Theta(forlaser Field mirror editing

Work in the vicinity of the lens focal plane is called a field lens. It's also known as: F-Theta f- theta field lens, field lens, laser scanning confocal microscope, flat field focusing mirror. It is on the premise of not changing the optical characteristics of the optical system, changing the imaging beam position. The field lens is often used 1064nm, 10.6 micron 532nm, optical system and 355nm.

Chinese name

Field lens

Name of foreign language

Lens Field


F-Theta mirror, f- mirror field.

Main effect

Improve the ability of the edge beam incident to the detector

technical parameter

Working wavelength, incident pupil

Be applied to

Optical system


1 field mirror definitions

2 field mirror classification

Main technical parameters of 3 field mirrors

After the field lens focal length

After laser scanning system

4 major role

Field mirror definition editor

Working near the focal plane of the objective lens can effectively reduce the size of the lens, which is called the field mirror.[1]

Accurately speaking, the field lens should work in an optical image plane. On the one hand: the field of plane mirror and main plane, from the plane of the main characteristics of the amplification rate of 1, so the system magnification without contribution; on the other hand, the field lens should speak lens in the eyepiece projection into the aperture surface the pupil, for a single lens, the aperture surface is a pupil, so as to ensure the objective to maximize the light emitted by the eyepiece. If used in the scanning system, then the eyepiece pupil detector instead of [2].

Field mirror classification editor

According to wavelength points: 1064nm field mirror (also called YAG field mirror), 10.6 microns field mirror (also called CO2 field mirror), 532nm field mirror (also called green light field mirror), 355nm field mirror (also called the purple field mirror).

According to the design concept: f-theta lens and the far lens, the far heart lens cost is very high, mainly in the industrial system to adapt to the f-theta lens.

Main technical parameters of the field mirror

Focal length of a field lens

Usually, the field lens focal length can be determined according to the Gauss optical image relation,



Among them, F1 and F2 respectively, '' said the objective and the eyepiece focal length, f

A field lens focal length, as shown on the right.[3]

Laser scanning system

The main technical parameters of the field lens are: working wavelength, incident pupil, scanning range and focal spot diameter. The work mainly depends on the wavelength of the laser wavelength, the field lens of the lens is in the wavelength of the laser coating. If not given at a given wavelength range using the field lens, a field lens may be burned or by laser the laser penetration rate is very low. The entrance pupil: also called the maximum incident spot. Such as the use of a single mirror, mirror on the entrance pupil diameter, the maximum available beam is equal to the entrance pupil diameter of the entrance pupil. The greater focus by focusing mirror focusing spot diameter is small so, in particular fine marking the occasion, we will consider the use of entrance pupil larger field lens, such as fine marking and galvanometer scanning range: the range of welding. The field lens can scan the more, of course, more users welcome but. Is if you increase the scanning range of the focal spot size becomes large, the distortion will also increase. In addition to increase the scanning range of field lens focal length and the working distance should also increase. Longer working distance, will inevitably lead to the loss of laser energy. And after focusing spot diameter and focal length is proportional to the mean increasing the scanning range of focal spot follow up spot diameter, poly thin enough, the laser power density decreased very fast (2 times with the power density is inversely proportional to the diameter), is not conducive to processing. So the user according to the processing area of different selection of the most suitable field lens, field lens or spare several different scanning range. A focal length: the relationship with the working distance, but not equal to the working distance. Focal spot diameter: the incident laser beam diameter D scanning system, field lens focal length F and the beam quality factor Q, d = 13.5QF /D focal spot diameter (mm). A smaller focus spot can be obtained by using a beam expander.

Main function editor

The main function of the field mirror is:

(1) improving the ability of the edge beam incident to the detector;

(2) in the same primary optical system, an additional field mirror will reduce the area of the detector. If the same area of the detector is used, the field of view can be expanded to increase the incident flux;

(3) the position of the image plane can be set up to solve the problem of no position modulator;

(4) to make the non uniform illumination on the photosensitive surface of the detector;

(5) the plane field image can be obtained when the flat image field is used;

(6) in the aspect of aberration correction, the field curve and distortion of the system can be compensated.

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