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inkjet printer User manual

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Product Description



User manual

Wuhan bcxlaser Technology Co., Ltd



Free service hotline:008615102702271

Address: No.80 of SEMs, Jiutong Rd, HongShan Dist., Wuhan, China, 430070.

Version 2016.12.05A 4th amendment


Ø Main Features: Black aluminum house, color touch screen

Ø Weight: 1.18 Kg

Ø Size: 130×128×200 mm

Ø Printing Height: 2-13mm(adjustable)

Ø Printing Direction: 360 degrees printing, meet production requirements

Ø Printing Font: high definition printing font (which is printed font), built-in multiple Chinese and English font

Ø Printing Graphics: can print a variety of trademark logo, graphics can be imported through the U disk

Ø Printing Accuracy: 300~500DPI

Ø Printing Lines: 1~8 lines(adjustable)

Ø Barcode Printing: Bar code, QR code

Ø Water Reference: 1~8 variable sequence number

Ø Printing distance:2~10mm (Nozzle distance to the object being printed)

Ø 2mm-5mm is the best printing distance

Ø Automatic Printing: date, time, batch number, frequency and serial number, etc. (change with the current time)

Ø Storage Information: The system can store vast amounts of information more than 1000 (information can be stored in U disk)

Ø Information Length: Each message printing over 2000 fonts, length unlimited

Ø Printing Speed: Up to 80 m / min (continuous printing), the printing speed is not changed with the increasing lines.

Ø Ink: drying environmental ink, aqueous ink, oil-based ink

Ø Ink Color: black, red, blue, yellow, green, UV ink

Ø Ink Cartridge Volume: 45±5 ml, 1 cartridge can print 80 million characters (based on 2mm)

Ø External Interfaces: USB, DB9, DB15, photoelectric interface

Ø Power Parameters: DC 16V lithium battery charge full can use 10 hours (enabled Screensavers) 24 hours standby time.

Ø Control Panel: Smart Touch Screen.

Ø System Power Consumable: average consumable lower than 5W.

Ø Ambient Temperature: 0℃~38℃.

Ø Humidity: 10%~80%.

Ø Printing Material: Wood panels, cardboard boxes, food bags, stainless steel, stone, MDF, light steel keel, pipes, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, etc., they all can be printed as long as it is flat material.

Safety and Precautions

Precautions installation

l After the nozzle installed, be sure to install anti-collision mechanism to prevent the printing damaged nozzle (the nozzle is not installed in the anti-Case hit institutions suffer any external damage, such as boxes, which are not covered by the warranty collision nozzle range).

l Make sure to plug the cassette at 15 degrees, do not use brute force, to avoid damaging the metal stylus.

l Installation of uninterruptible power supply is recommended in order to avoid damage due to power outages caused by the machine.

l Strongly recommends that users supply ground, in addition should avoid large power equipment (such as a motor) shared power.

l Excessive dust if the work environment, it is strongly recommended to use an air compressor to remove internal dust.

Operation Precautions

l In the absence of any action case, turn on the screen saver function inkjet printer to ensure greater battery life.

l Fuzzy printing results, make sure the nozzle and is sprayed in the best printing 6mm items within distance.

l Ink jet printing tailing, please wipe the cartridge nozzle wipe the surface with a special light paper.

l If the site is large dust environment, please cleanup day with pneumatic air gun to disable the look and dust inside the cassette.

l If the printer cannot solve the malfunction, please contact your agent.

Device configuration list





Handheld model

Online model


High-grade case












16.8V charge






Printing Switch






External photoelectric






Print stand





Note: The 610 printer into a handheld, on-line two models, please check the accessories according to the model.

BCX-530 Complete Machine Introduction

Function Key: Edit printing information and choose printing information

Setting Key: adjust printing parameters and time.

Printing Key: click printing key, turn to red then start printing.

Screen Saver Key: click screen saver key, the screen turn into sleeping mode.

Software Operating Instructions

1. Main Menu


2. Features Page

2.1. Load File

Load The Printing File Operation: click the “Function” key → click the “Load File” button from the menu → choose the related printing file from Local Files or UDISK Files → click “Ok” button to ensure loading files.

2.2. Edit File

Edit Printing File: click “Function” key → click “Edit File” → FIG 2.2 click Related File Style (eg: edit text, first click text icon, second click once on the blank edit box, text edit box produced, then click “edit” key, edit the information, you can also select this information the appropriate font type and size at this interface), click “file” → save.

2.3. Edit Graph

How to edit graph information: click the “Function” key → click “Edit Image” from the menu → Interface shown in Figure appears 2.3, edit needed graph.

Setting Page

3.1. Print Setting

Trigger Mode: "Key Trigger" (used in handheld mode); "Internal Eye" (when online mode); "External Eye" (generally used for non-standard online mode); "Auto Spray" (used for online timed printing mode)

Spray Modes: spray Left Nozzle and Right Nozzle two modes.

Speed: The higher the number, the slower the print speed, and vice versa faster.

Sync Freq: This feature uses the case to enable the synchronization wheel, the larger the number the longer the print information, whereas shorter.

Delay: Delay higher the number, the longer obtain from the print start signal and inkjet printing time.

Gray: This number affects the print color, the number is bigger, the color is much darker.

Direct: Normal, X Reverse, Y Reverse and XY Reverse four available options, choose the right way for your needed.

Print As Dot: This option allows the letters or the numbers to be in a state of dot matrix.

Note: Press "OK" or "Cancel" when the setting is finished and return.

3.2. 3.2 Counter Setting

“Current Value”: means printing times.

“Step Value”: amount of change in value between the two print (eg: Stepping value of "1", the 1-2-3 changes, stepping value of "2", the 1-3-5 changes).

"Initial Value": means the beginning value.

"Maximum": Upper limit value, after reaching stop stepping, or again from the initial value of the loop.

3.3. System Setting

How to adjust the time: (such as how to adjust the year, the year is displayed at the click of a cursor that is displayed here, by adjusting the up and down arrow keys to adjust the year you want, click OK to save) Other time adjustment mode above.

System Language: click elect dialog box, select the appropriate language, click OK to save.

Back Light: about mopping adjustment button, select the appropriate backlight intensity, click OK to save.

3.4. Printing Page

After the information edited, click the print key indicating that you can print when the button turns red.

3.5. Screensavers Page

Click screensaver page, screen goes to sleep, reduce power consumption.

Use And Maintenance Of Batteries

Portable inkjet printer built 16.8V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the ambient temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, stored in a dry and clean environment, not dramatic impact printer, to prevent accidents.

1. The machine has a low battery indicator, located on the top right of the main interface is turned on, users can display information in a timely manner charged according to consumption.

2. Must use our special charging power distribution, if using other chargers cause damage to the machine, are not warranty.

3. Please do not disconnect the charging power when the battery during the charging process

4. When storing the machine for a long time, suggest full charge once every three months

Common Questions

How to do if could not printing?

1. Check if the synchronous round belt is off;

2. Check if there is ink in the cartridge;

3. Be sure the printing key is red;

4. Turn off the printer, reinstall the print cartridges correctly.

It can print, but the handwriting is not clear.

1. Check if the nozzle surface clean and dry, with a special cloth carefully clean the nozzle surface;

2. When the printer does not print, remove the cartridge, spray swinging upside down several times, with absorbent towel attached to the nozzle surface of the ink cartridge diversion;

3. After cleaning nozzle, thoroughly dried;

If with above operation it is still unresolved, replace the cartridge.

If other abnormal problems, please contact us.


The free service hotline:+86(0)65525256

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