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EzCad software skills
2017-04-09 00:41:28

We are often in the process of laser processing in two different shapes and different laser parameters drawing in the same interface, realize the alternate marking, this function in JCZ software is how to achieve, and we listen carefully to. Hardware settings: JCZ board with a CON5 the interface (Fig. (1)), the export of 25pin IO interface for digital signal input and output. The foot switch is connected to CON5, the role is to achieve control of drawing are marking the pedal switch. Then the switches are respectively connected with the 8 and 24 ports to form a loop, connect the plug to the board. (GIN4,5,6,7)

Software settings: complete the hardware setup, but also the need for some software settings. System parameter settings: system parameter option in JCZ software window toolbar, click the options button, select the input IO mask button in the interface, input IO mask will pop up window, check the 0 ~4 port, so that we will be marking 25. Graphic parameters (shortcut F3) settings: find the golden orange software interface (F3): parameter settings, it will pop up window configuration parameters, input port selection will start marking port 4, pay attention to set the required with a foot switch corresponding to GIN4 (here. If GIN5 is set to 5).

For the above preparations, then you can draw graphics in the interface, from the success of only one step away. Oh draw: find "drawing" option in the menu bar, select the input port inside, will be in the interface as shown in figure (3), check the IO control in the condition of 4 the mouth is low, then draw their own map or the input text; and then repeat the steps, but the IO 4 control check for high level, the other is the same. (note here IO with more than 4 of the best, because the 0,1,2,3 is a laser signal, is generally not used)

The last is to verify whether the success of the moment: marking: click on the marking will appear as shown in figure (4) shown in the window, then step on the pedal switch will draw the first marking graphics or text, and then step on the foot switch board, to achieve the second time marking drawing second graphics or text. Take a step back to the first time, so it can realize alternately marking.

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