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laser cleaning machine
2017-04-09 00:30:01

The traditional cleaning industry has all kinds of cleaning methods, cleaning is based on chemical and mechanical methods. The more strict requirements in the regulations of China's environmental protection and environmental protection and safety, people are increasingly aware of the importance of today, can be used in chemical cleaning of industrial production will become less and less. How to find cleaner cleaning. And not out of injury is we have to consider the problem. The laser cleaning has no grinding, non-contact, objects and other cleaning characteristics without thermal effect and is suitable for all kinds of materials, is considered to be the most reliable, the most effective way to solve the problem. At the same time, laser cleaning can be solved using traditional cleaning methods can not solve the problem.

For example, the workpiece surface with sub micron particle pollution, these particles tend to stick very tightly, the conventional cleaning method can not remove it, and use the surface nano laser radiation workpiece cleaning is very effective. Also because the laser on the workpiece is non-contact cleaning, precision workpiece or the fine part of cleaning very safe, can ensure the accuracy of laser cleaning. So the unique advantages in the cleaning industry.

Why can the laser used for cleaning? Why do damage to the object will not be cleaned? First look at the nature of the laser. In simple terms, and laser beside us as light as the shadow follows the form (visible light and invisible light) not only what is different is the use of laser resonant cavity light gathered in the same direction, and compared with single wavelength, better coordination properties, so in theory all wavelengths of light can be used to form a laser, but it is limited to the medium can stimulate much, therefore can produce laser light source is stable and suitable for industrial production is quite limited. It is about Nd:YAG laser is widely used, carbon dioxide laser and excimer laser. The laser can Nd:YAG through optical fiber transmission is more suitable for industrial application, so the laser cleaning are used.



Compared with traditional cleaning methods, such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical cleaning, liquid solid impact cleaning, high frequency ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning has obvious advantages

1 laser cleaning is a cleaning method of "green", without the use of any chemicals and cleaning liquid, cleaning down waste are basically solid powder, small volume, easy to store, Recyclable, can solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning easily;

2 traditional cleaning methods are often contact cleaning, mechanical force on the clean surface, the damage surface or cleaning medium attached to the surface to be cleaned to remove the object, have two pollution, laser cleaning without grinding and non contact to smoothly done or easily solved these problems;

3 laser through optical fiber transmission, with robot and robot, realize remote operation conveniently, can clean the traditional method is not easy to reach the site, which in some dangerous places can ensure the safety of personnel;

4 laser cleaning can remove various materials on the surface of various types of pollutants, to regular cleaning can not reach cleanliness. But also can not damage the selective cleaning of contaminants on the surface of materials under the condition of material surface;

5 laser cleaning efficiency, saving time;

6 buy laser cleaning system although the one-time investment is high, but the cleaning system can be stable for long-term use, low operation cost, using Quantel's LASERLASTE as an example, operating costs per hour is only 1 euros, the more important is that it can conveniently realize the automatic operation.



Rely on the generated by the laser light pulse characteristics of pulsed Nd:YAG laser cleaning type, based on a beam of high intensity, short pulse light physical reaction caused by the interaction between the laser and the pollution layer. The physical principle can be summarized as follows:

A) the beam emitted by the laser is absorbed by the contamination layer on the surface

The absorption of large energy forms a rapidly expanding plasma (a highly ionized unstable gas) that produces a shock wave (b)

C) shock waves cause pollutants to become fragmented and removed

D) the optical pulse width must be short enough to avoid thermal accumulation of the treated surface

E) experiments show that the plasma is produced on the metal surface when there is an oxide on the surface of the metal


Produce plasma only above the threshold of energy density in the case, the threshold depends on the pollution layer or the oxide layer is removed. The threshold effect on the substrate material in ensuring the security situation is very important for effective cleaning. The plasma appears there is a second threshold. If the energy density exceeds the threshold, then the substrate material to be destroyed. In ensuring the effective cleaning of substrate materials under the premise of safety, must be based on the adjustment of the laser parameters, the optical pulse energy density in two strict threshold.

Each laser pulse pollution layer removal of certain thickness. If the pollution layer is thick, you need more than one pulse for cleaning. The clean surface required pulse number depends on the surface pollution degree. An important result produced by the two threshold is automatic cleaning. The energy density is higher than the first threshold light pulse always remove pollutants, until it reaches the base material so far. However, because of the damage threshold energy density is lower than the base material, so the substrate will not be damaged.


Laser cleaning can not only be used for cleaning organic pollutants, can also be used to wash the inorganic materials, including metal corrosion, metal particles, dust and so on. Here are some practical applications, these technologies have been very mature and has been widely used.


1 mold cleaning:

Manufacturing around the world each year hundreds of millions of tire tire production enterprises, clean production process of tire mould must be rapid and reliable, in order to save maintenance time. Traditional cleaning methods including sandblasting, ultrasonic cleaning or carbon dioxide, but these methods usually have to die in the heat after hours after cooling, and then moved to the cleaning equipment for cleaning. Clean the required time is long, and easy to damage the mold precision, chemical solvents and noise will produce safety and environmental protection.

The use of laser cleaning method, because the laser can transmit by fiber, so in the use of flexible; because the laser cleaning methods available and will be cleaning optical fiber connection to the die dead or not easy to remove parts, so easy to use; because the rubber is not gasification, it does not produce toxic gases, affect the work environment safety. The laser cleaning of tire mould technology has been widely in Europe and the United States in the tire industry is used, although the initial investment cost is higher, but can save in the standby time, avoid mould damage, work safety and save the raw materials on the yield rapid recovery.

The anti - sticking elastic film on the food industry mold needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the health, without chemical reagents and the use of laser cleaning is particularly suitable for this application

2 cleaning of weapons and equipment:

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon maintenance. The laser cleaning system can efficiently, quickly remove rust, contaminants, and can choose to remove parts for cleaning automation. Using laser cleaning, not only higher than the cleanliness of chemical cleaning process, but also for the surface almost no damage. Laser removal of waste the environmental pollution basically does not constitute, can also be used for remote operation, effectively reduce the damage to the health of the operator.

3 the removal of old paint:

In Europe the laser cleaning system has been used in the aviation industry. The plane surface after a period of time to re painting, but painting before the original old paint needs to be completely removed. The traditional mechanical method to remove paint on the metal surface damage, which brings hidden trouble to the safe flight. Such as the use of multiple laser cleaning system. In the two days of the first Airbus A320 on the surface of the paint layer completely removed, and no damage to the metal surface.

4 external wall cleaning:

With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more skyscrapers were built up, the problem of cleaning the exterior wall of the building is becoming more and more obvious. The laser can be metal on all kinds of stone, glass, all kinds of pollutants on effective cleaning, and high cleaning efficiency than conventional many times. Also all kinds of stone on the building on the spot, stain removal.

5 cleaning in the electronics industry:

The use of electronic industrial laser removal of oxides with high accuracy: the need for decontamination of electronic industry, especially suitable for using laser to oxide. The circuit board components before welding, pin must be thoroughly to ensure electrical contact oxide to the best, also can not damage the pins in the decontamination process. Laser cleaning can satisfy the requirement of use, and the efficiency is high, a pin only a laser irradiation.

6 precise removal of esters in precision machinery industry:

Precision machinery industry often need to be cleared of parts for lubrication and corrosion of the ester and mineral oil, usually by chemical method, and chemical cleaning often still residue. The laser to ester and mineral oil esters can be completely removed, not to damage parts of the surface. The pollutant removal is accomplished by the shock wave, oxide parts the surface of thin explosive gasification formed shock wave, to remove dirt, rather than mechanical interactions. Materials to complete the ester used in mechanical aerospace industry. Clean up oil ester mechanical parts processing in the removal of the same can be used in laser cleaning.

7 nuclear power plant reactor pipeline cleaning:

Laser cleaning system is used in nuclear reactor in the pipeline. It uses optical fiber, high power laser beam into the reactor internal, direct removal of radioactive dust, wash down material. Because it is easy to clean and remote operation, can ensure staff safety.

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